Lot Of 1925 Photos Ventnor City New Jersey Young Woman


I am pleased to offer a small group of vintage photographs featuring a woman named “Maude”.  These seven (7) photos were all taken in 1925.  All measure 3 1/4″ X 2 1/4″ and include:

  • Three (3) photos featuring Maude modeling a Dutch Lace Cap and Wooden Shoes that she got on a trip to Holland.
  • Two (2) photos of Maude posing at the side of a home with a silk fabric dress with a daisy motif on the fabric.  She is wearing a hat and holding a parasol.
  • Two (2) images of this fine woman posing at a beach while modeling her swim suit.  She has long socks and a bathing cap along with her stylish suit.

All photos in good condition but do show some wear from age.  A couple have small creases on the corners from the original photo corners that held them in an album.  All display well and are a fun look at 1925 fashion in Ventnor City.

Thank you for viewing!



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