1980 Game Tito And His Partisan Army Board & Manual


Tito And His Partisan Army – Yugoslavia, 1941-45 is an abstract simulation of guerilla warfare in the Balkans during the Second World War.  The game portrays all of the elements of this dynamic partisan campaign, which successfully tied down large numbers of Axis troops on occupation duties and eventually helped liberate Yugoslavia and Albania from Axis domination.

Originally published in Strategy & Tactics Magazine #81, the game included a 22″ X 34″ map, a 12 page rule book, and 200 counters.

The maps areas are divided into numerous display boxes (each with their own victory point value) which represent mountains, hideaways, and city objectives.  The Yugoslav player gains points for occupying these areas.  If the Yugoslav player accumulates more than 500 points over the course of the game (17 turns), he wins… otherwise, the German player does.

Included are the original map and rule book.  The counters are missing.  Both pieces in good condition.  The rule book shows only light wear while the game board has a few tears.  Both look to have been used very little if at all and damage is probably from storage.



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