Antique 1880s Concert Roller Organ w/ 10 Antique Cobs



I am pleased to offer this Antique Concert Roller Organ including 10 Music Cobs. This organ is in great condition for it’s age showing some light wear. The bellows are strong, hold air, and play well. The keys lift and work as they should. Turning the handle quickly plays the organ with smooth sound and playback. I have noticed that a latch that holds the cob bar in has broken. Currently, the bar is held in place by a spring.

Many of the cob label have worn off or are hard to read. Some have been re-handwritten years ago. Note: some cobs have a couple of missing or bent pins. Below is what I could read of the titles.

  • July 14 1885; NO 652 – “Little Chance You May Come”
  • July 14 1885 No 30 – “Precious Name”
  • “Sunshine in My Song”?
  • No 617 – “God be With You”
  • “Jesus Love of My …”
  • No 21 – “Is My Name Written There”
  • “Near My God To Thee”?
  • No 81 – “We Shall Meet Beyond The River”
  • “Take it to The Lord in Prayer”
  • “I Need Thee Every Hour”


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