Antique Large Primitive Folk Art Childs Push Pull Toy Horse Rider Ride On Toy


This is a “push” toy horse which was unusual for its era, as “pull” toy horses were popular back in the 1800s. 

This primitive toy has a leather seat and appears to have real horse hair for the mane. The horse is hand-carved with detailed eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.

The horse’s mane and the leather seat appear to be attached with large antique upholstery tacks. 

The platform is made from wood. The wheels have a metal base with rubber tires. Each wheel appears to have been attached to a block of wood using a bolt.

The metal on the wheels appears to have a stain on it. Overall, this toy looks like it my have multiple layers of stain/paint on it.

The underside of this piece is painted green and has the maker’s name “FC NICHOLLS” stamped on it three times. 

Measures 24″ tall (at tip of ears), 25″ long (from nose to rump), seat is about 6-1/2″ wide.  Platform measures 22″ x 6″. Push handle is about 27″ tall.

Overall, this is a great primitive from a long ago era that would look fabulous on display!


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Toy is in good antique all original condition and has a great vintage look with worn leather on the seat, the horse has lost most of its mane. paint has worn off in some areas. Wheels are a tad bit wobbly.


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