Smith-Miller L Mack Blue Diamond Dump Truck Pressed Steel


I am pleased to offer this 1950s Pressed Steel Smith-Miller L Mack Blue Diamond 10-Wheel Dump Truck.

  This beautiful piece has been professionally restored from tires to paint.  The large truck features a “hydraulic” dump bed that can be raised by pushing the lever located next to the driver’s side of the cab. 

The tailgate of the dumb bed also flips upwards. Along each side are decals of “Smith-Miller/Smitty Toys”, “Blue Diamond Service” and “Building materials”.  The truck has a total of ten tires (2 front, 8 back), with the 8 on the back being attached to tilting axles.

This Truck is in beautiful display condition, as again it has been professionally restored.  Tires roll well when truck is moved, and dump bed moves fluidly when lever is pushed.  Some small cracks in the paint can be seen in crevices, and along the floor the the dump bed.  Some small spots of paint chipping are seen around the cab, and some light scratching is evident on the undercarriage. 

Measures about 18-1/2″ L x 7″ W x 7-1/4″ H



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