Vintage Photographs New York City Lot of 30 1920s Sepia Snapshot Tourists


  • Great Lot of Mid 1920s New York City Snapshots!
  • Mainly follows a young woman and young boy with other friends/family going around NYC (majority of the images are marked and dated)
  • Notable places: Fort Washington Park, Bronx Park, Fifth Avenue, Eastern Parkway.
  • There are also a set of pictures aboard the S.S. Majestic Ocean liner (R.M.S. Majestic of the White Star Line)  on it’s trip in July of 1924 from Southampton NY to Cherbourg (France)
  • All are roughly average snapshot size, varying in ratio and size slightly.
  • Good addition to any collection!



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Good overall condition. Appears complete with two full bins of game cards, four plastic pegs, playing board, timer, and instructions. Cards shows moderate yellow discoloration from age/storage. Box shows moderate edge wear.


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