Vintage Metal Dual-Frame Photograph Set Mother w/ Her Little Girl & Boy


I am pleased to offer This Vintage Metal Dual-Frame Photograph Set! 

These photos show a happy mother with her young son and daughter. 

The left photo shows the girl as an infant, and behind it is a head shot of the girl as a toddler. 

The right photo shows the children a bit older, and behind it is a head shot of the boy. 

The photos are kept in a vintage metal frame that is jointed in the center. 

The left photograph is marked by Underwood & Underwood of New York.

Measure approx. 8″ W x 10-1/8″ H



These vintage photos are in good condition, showing some light edge wear and light staining from age. The photos also show a few mild creases. The frames show mild scratching and some loss to the finish. There is also what appears to be polish residue in the cracks.


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