Vintage Ishizuka & Nomura Lithographed Tin Wind Up Sniffing Dog Toy Japan Works


I am pleased to offer this Vintage Ishizuka & Nomura Japan Tin Wind Up Sniffing Dog Toy! 

This funny little toy is constructed of brightly lithographed tin, and is shaped as a dog crawling along sniffing! 

The toy features a fixed wind key on the underside, and when wound up the dog will scoot around forwards while his nose moves up and down. 

The tail of the dog is missing.   The underside is marked by Ishizuka and Nomura Toys of Japan.

Measures approx. 5-3/4″ L x 2-1/2″ W x 2-1/8″ H


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This vintage toy is in good working condition, and when wound up functions as intended. There is light scratching to the tin, and some very light oxidation present on the edges. The tail is missing.


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