Vintage Cabinet Card Photo of Family in Chambersburg PA


I am pleased to offer a vintage cabinet card photograph of a family in Chambersburg, PA.  The photo shows an older woman holding a young baby, a young women, and a young boy in the back.  The baby is wearing an adorable dress with leather baby shoes, and has a look of curiosity as to what’s going on.  The women are both wearing earrings, and the younger woman has a leather belt with a silver belt clip.  The young boy seems to be wearing a suit that’s a bit to big for him, and a tie that is definitely too big.

The print on the front reads: “J. Will Barbour Chambersburg, PA.”  The back has a printed advertisement for the photographer.  Measures 6 1/2″ H x 4 1/4″ W.

International winners must request shipping costs.

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