Victorian Vanity Dresser Set of 7 Queen Anne Pyrocel


I am pleased to offer this Antique Vintage Victorian 7-Piece Vanity Set Queen Anne Pyrocel. This is a 7-piece almost matching vanity set that includes one large seafoam green oval-shaped hand mirror, 2 containers that appear celluloid on the bottom and say QUEEN ANNE PYROCEL with the same design and color, another container features similar style, but has a yellow color lid (crack and parts missing on rim) with glass bottom, plus green scissors, horse shoe and unique Victorian tool with a hook (features vase with floral design). Oxidation present on metal parts. All in good used condition. Lovely and rare vanity set!

Measurements: mirror approx. 15-1/2″ inches long x 5″ inches; green containers 5-1/2″ inches long x 3-1/2″ inches wide; yellow 4″ in diameter; scissors 4-1/2″ inches long; horse shoe 5-1/2″ inches long x 1-1/2″ inches wide; Victorian tool 6-3/4″ inches long.

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