Tintype Photograph – Two Friends Smoking Cigars – 1/6th Plate Case


  • Very cool Antique Tintype Photograph
  • 1/6th Plate with trimmed edges
  • Two young men who look to be best buds smirking with fat cigars hanging from their mouths
  • Both men have lightly tinted cheeks, and the man on the right has a tinted neck tie.
  • Comes with period brass mat and preserver, which look to have been married to it.  The glass has been replaced.
  • Leather Geometrical case with patterned velvet interior pad
  • Interesting addition to any tintype collection!


SKU: 60364 Category: Photography Tags: 1800s, antique, Photography, Tintype, Victorian


Good overall condition, displays nicely. Tintype itself shows some light dust and minor scratching. Brass hardware and glass look to have been replaced/added. Leather case has a broken spine with leather repair, and some moderate wear to the exterior leather.


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