Thermoplastic Photograph Union Case 19th Century 1/6 Plate Rebekah & the Well


  • Excellent Thermoplastic Case with Biblical Artwork
  • Size: 1/6 Plate, Brown Thermoplastic
  • Comes with photographer advertising card: “P. Tenney Gates’ Sky-Light Photographic Palace of Art, Plattsburgh, N.Y.”
  •  “Rebekah and the Well” (Berg 1/85, Krainik 155)
  • Great addition to any Case Collection!

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Very good overall condition. Mild scratching on the exterior and a few small chips along the edges (one mild chip near the lower clasp lid side). Hinges are in good shape, clasp is functional Interior pad in good shape but is loose. Label is intact, and comes with an additional printed photographer’s card.


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