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Rare Board Game Found At Yard Sale!

1966 Transogram Wild Wild West Board Game From The TV Series.

“The premise of this game is that undercover agent James West’s private railroad car has been seized by a band of desperados. Each player is West, shooting it out with the outlaws. The object of the game is to shoot the windows of a stand-up, die-cut cardboard train, using a cue stick and marble, trying to hit and capture the most outlaws. The game includes four train sections, four James West figures, 12 bullets, 16 outlaw cards, one cue stick, one marble, one die, and a fold-out playing board.”

Very rare game based on the 1960’s television series.

The game had a mechanic similar to pool to simulate a shootout, where one would attempt to shoot a marble through a gate. Players have a limited supply of “bullets” and targets are chosen by rolling a die.

Transogram Company, Inc.

Transogram Company was incorporated in Pennsylvania on September 4, 1959, succeeding a New York corporation of the same name that was established in 1915. The company was founded by Charles S. Raizen.

Transogram made toys, games, playroom furniture, coloring, craft sets, and sports sets under the brand name Transogram. Over the years it added several wholly owned subsidiaries including Anchor Toy Corporation, Playwood Plastics Company, Toy Research Institute, Inc., Toy Scouts of America, Transco Adult Games, and Transogram Midwest, Inc.

Transogram was the creator of many well-known toys. In the 1930s it expanded into the manufacture of games, including Big Business, which was introduced in 1935, and “Game of India” and “Tiddledy Winks,” introduced in 1938. It also developed the Green Ghost board game, and in the 1950s it sold the very successful Prince Valiant board game and a variety of “paint-by-number” sets.

Transogram made an initial public offering of 196,000 shares common stock in May 1962. It was sold from the private account of Charles Raizen at ten dollars per share. After the sale, Raizen retained control of the company through his holdings of 606,000 shares, which represented 61.4 percent of Transogram’s outstanding stock.