Spanish-American War Cabinet Card Photo John Whiteley, US Navy Hero USS Concord


  • Very Interesting and Uniquely decorated Cabinet Card Photograph from the Spanish-American War Period
  • Photograph is of a young John H. Whiteley. Whiteley was a seaman on the USS Concord and served during the Battle of Manila Bay as part of Dewey’s Fleet
  • He was awarded $40.72 as his part of the bounty for sinking an enemy vessel, and also rewarded $87.73 in prize money for the Capture of the Don Juan de Austria. That may not sound like a lot, but in those days that was pretty big money! 
  • He was later featured in a May 1898 newspaper article, hailing him and others as “Men who fought with Dewey, A Group of Manila Heroes who Hail from Detroit and Michigan”
  • The photo could likely be from months just before the battle, as the Concord was in Mare Island December 1897-January 8th, 1898.  Whiteley enlisted in August of 1897.


  • The sketched artwork frame around his portrait is rather lovely, and an uncommon style used by the photographer to add some patriotic flare.
  • Card is marked on front by photographer Chas. McMillan, 314 Georgia St. Vallejo, Cal.   Back has “John H. Whiteley” written very faint.
  • Charles McMillan was a Canadian born photographer who moved to California in 1879. After working out of a tent as a traveling photographer, he decided to settle down and open a studio in Vallejo.
  • Card measures approx. 4-3/8″ W x 6-1/2″ H
  • Great addition to any collection!

For Fun:  If you Goggle the sailor’s name, you’ll be able to find a lot of information about him for yourself.  You’ll also see that the newspaper article I referenced above seems to have used this Photo as the base for their engraving. 



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Fair overall condition. Card shows heavy edge wear and staining from age. Photograph shows moderate scratching and some mild discoloration.


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