Rare Vintage Massive 40″ Spanish Navaja Exhibition Display Knife Carraca HUGE!


  • An absolutely awe-inspiring knife!
  • OVERSIZED Exhibition Display Piece, measuring in at 40″ Total Length (3.25 Feet!)
  • Beautiful Hand-colored 19″ L x 3″ W Blade with two phrases in Spanish:
  • “donde esta víbora pica no hay remedio en la botica.”
  • “no me saques sin razon ni me guardes sin honor”
  • Gorgeous 21″ Long Case w/ lever spin for ratchet lock.
  • The case has lovely synthetic marbled scales on each side, nickel silver bands/mounts with iron spine.
  • No visible markings or stamps from a maker
  • INSTANT showpiece or centerpiece for any collection, very unique
  • The last photo shows size relative to a 6-1/4 Foot tall Man…Man not included!


SKU: 59515 Categories: Folding Knife, Knives & Swords


Very Good overall condition. The blade shows some mild scratching with minimal loss to the original coloring and some tiny spots of oxidation. The handle case shows some mild oxidation along the spine and moderate scratching throughout. The ratchet works well, producing very loud clicks as the knife is opened. The lever to release can catch a little when closing, but nothing too major. Absolutely stunning piece.


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