Lot Of 18 Early 1950’s Photos Washington DC & Virginia



King Size Prints Photo Super Pak Album featuring approximately 18 black and white prints measuring 3 1/4″ X 4 1/2″.  The first few photos show the Thomas Jefferson Memorial from across the water.  Next is Lincoln Memorial then Washington Monument.  The next image is of ships in water with a sign marked “Norfolk and Western Railway”.  The rest of the images are of people enjoying their personal boat going down a canal and of the canal itself.  There is one sign marked “Great Bridge Lock 1/4 Mile Ahead, Enter On Green Only”.  All photos are contained in a ring album and could be removed by the perforations on the sides of the photos.  The back of the folder is marked “Hicks Photo Finishers Inc., Washington DC” with an image of the Capitol Building.

The images are in good condition but do show some fading.  All display well.



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