JML Delivery Motorcycle Tin Toy Wind Up Scarce 1930s Pre-War Triporteur


I am pleased to offer this Very Scare 1930s Pre-War JML France Triporteur Tin Windup Motorcycle Toy!

This is a very large scale toy, and is just amazing for displaying in any collection. The toy has a very unique combination in the design of the body.  The rear half of the toy uses the JML Motorcycle “Tag-0158” with the front wheel/fork assembly replaced by a boxy front end of a Jeep.

The toy is designed as a Delivery Trike, as the front end hood can be opened to reveal a storage compartment.  The front end of each wheel well has a large headlight housing.

The rear motorcycle half is brightly lithographed and very detailed, as well as each of the three large tires.

The motorcycle has a fixed wind up mechanism on the rear-left side of the toy. It remains very strong, and when wound fully will propel the toy forwards at a fast speed.  The front end of the toy can be adjusted for direction.    


Approx. 14-1/8″ Long x 6″ W x 7″ H


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This antique toy is in good condition for its age and level of scarcity. The motorcycle-half of the toy: shows some very light scratching, and is missing the original luggage rack on the back. There is a break to the tin on the rear wheel well (left-side) and two cracks to the tin on the right and left side o the rear wheel well (see pictures). There is some mild oxidation in the areas of scratching, slightly heavier oxidation on the foot boards, and moderate oxidation on the gears.Front End of the toy: The front end shows moderate paint loss along the edges, and some bending to the windshield. There is moderate oxidation present on the areas of paint loss, predominantly on the area behind the tires and the headlights. the inner compartment has lost most of the original paint.


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