Indian Wars 1870s Cabinet Card Photos Infantry Officer & Woman Revolving Frame


• Beautiful c. 1870s Double revolving Frame with Images
• Left image is a cut down Cabinet Card Photograph of a beautiful young curly haired woman
• Here image is backmarked by photographers Edouart & Cobb of San Francisco
• Right image is a cut down cabinet Card of an Army Infantry Officer in Uniform.
• Backmarked “Peoples Art Gallery” which in search could tie to photographer John D. Godeus of San Francisco.
• Both images have the number 5039 marked in pencil
• Both held in an all original revolving wood frame which displays nicely as a “couples” set
• Unfortunately, no names or other identification.
• Frame measures approx. 9” x 5-3/4” x 1-3/4”



Images show moderate soiling and wear from age but display well. Frame has moderate wear across the original paint with visible loss. Both frames spin well and have enough original nails to hold the images in place. Displays well.


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