Daguerreotype Photograph Man’s Portrait Antique 1/6th Plate in Case



  • Nice c.1950s Dag Photo
  • Stoic Man with curled hair, faint Star pin.
  • Brass oval mat and brass protector
  • Clear Glass
  • Appears to have been previously resealed at one point, but was found unsealed.
  • Rose Patterned Leather/Wood case with Red Velvet Rose interior pad
  • 1/6th Plate Size
  • Nice addition to any collection!



The dag appears to have been resealed at some point, but is now open. There are some small mat abrasions and a few specks across the image. Mild spot of wear along the left frame edge. Brass shows some spotted patina/scratching. Some odd red-flaky paint on the back of the copper sheet. Leather case shows some moderate exterior wear, original bind intact.


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