Chauvinist Pigs Board Game Battle Of The Sexes Trivia


Great board game “Chauvinist Pigs” by Tiger Games.  Battle Of The Sexes game of sorts with two teams going head to head with trivia challenge questions.  Boys -vs- girls with cards divided into pink and blue colors.  Each team receives a piggy-bank and the object of the game is to have the most chips in your teams bank by the end.  Players read trivia questions geared toward each sex and each team scores according to correct answers.  Comes with two (2) piggy banks, scoring chips, trivia cards, team note pads, and instructions.

Item in great condition and looks to have been played with very little.  Shows minimal wear to pieces and is complete.  Box shows shelf wear with torn top and fading but is complete.  Great fun for the upcoming winter months and would make a nice addition to any game collection.

Please see pictures and email with any questions.  International bidders will be emailed with shipping costs.



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