CDV Photos Civil War era Officer Samuel Richardson & Family Boston MA Genealogy


  • Very Nice Post Civil War Period CDV Photographs
  • First portrait is of Lt. Colonel Samuel Richardson, taken by G.H. Loomis* of Boston Mass.

Believed to by Samuel W. Richardson of Cambridge. Commissioned into A Company of the MA 16th Infantry.  Enlisted as Captain in 1861, promoted to Major in 1862 when transferred to Field & Staff, and then to Lt. Colonel in 1864 (not mustered).  Mustered out in 1864 Boston.

  • Second Portrait is of his Wife, Louise Partridge (Richardson). Also Taken by G.H. Loomis
  • Third Portrait is believed to be of their Children, Florence & Harry Richardson.  Also Taken by G.H. Loomis.
  • Last portrait is a Later 1870s period CDV of Louise. Taken by Prominent period photographer William Shaw Warren of Boston.
  • Standard CDV Sizes
  • Great addition to your collection.

Identification method = Removed from Family Album in which they were named, researched and cross referenced available records to match corresponding time, photographer, location, etc.

* Grove Hinman Loomis (1823-1898) was a prominent photographer and teacher in Boston, MA. 



Good overall Condition. Light staining on the images and cards along with some light edge wear from storage/age.


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