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Ham & Sam, Howdy Doody, and Li’l Abner Band Toys Reviewed!

Ed Sanford owner of stopped by and asked to borrow three of our remarkable tinplate band toys. Ham and  Sam, Li’l Abner and the rare Howdy Doody.  He did a fantastic featured blog article you must read,  I was amazed at how through Ed researched these toys.  He even added a video showing all there of the bands working at once.  Now that is something you do not see every day… in fact, you rarely see these toys working at all.   Most owners would not let these toys jump around without careful attention.  Check it out… a real first for Ed!

ClicK To Read Ed’s Article And See The Threesome In Action

If you want more information or even a special package deal on these 3 toys for your collection, pick up the phone and call us at (727) 572-8443.  Ask for Justin

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Hubley Ahrens Fox Sold

We recently had a visitor wanting to see the Opamerica Toy Collection.  While picking toys at the 49th street flea market in St Pete, Florida, I came across another avid toy collector.  We seemed to share common interest in collecting vintage toys… ours in tinplate… his in cast iron.  After an engaging discussion we agreed to share our knowledge and meet to review some of prized possessions. On the appointed day this collector showed up and was quite amazed at the amount of toys and “other stuff” that we have accumulated over the years.

While looking over our lower shelves Ed Sanford ( the collector) spied a cast iron toy he could not resist owning.  After a brief negotiation Ed became the proud owner of a rather rare 11″ Hubley Ahrens Fox Fire Pumper which he wanted to feature on his new website ( ).