Cabinet Card Photo of a Young Victorian Family


I am pleased to offer this antique cabinet card photograph of a young Victorian family in their finest dress. This studio portrait contains an array of excellent facial expressions, from the Father’s attempted smile to the Mother’s look of agitation, boredom, or both. The two young children are adorably dressed in lovely, ruffled white outfits.

This photograph measures 3″ x 5″ in a cabinet card that measures 4″ x 7″. The front of the cabinet card features a simple, elegant Victorian design.

This antique cabinet card photograph is in great condition for its age. The image is very clear and sharp with very few spots of wear. The cabinet card itself is in great condition with no rips or tears, and normal wear for a paper item of its age around the folds and edges.

This photo displays well and would be an excellent addition to your antique photo collection.

Thank you for viewing. 




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