Antique Victorian Hand Painted Porcelain Portrait Repousse Brass Frame 17″ Art


I am very pleased to offer this Stunning 19th Century Hand painted Portrait on Porcelain! 

This alluring portrait was skillfully hand painted on a plate of porcelain, and shows a beautiful young woman with long flowing brown hair and a high-collared dress.  The colors are vibrant and the pale skin tone contrasting the crystal blue eyes of the young lass really make it jump out.

The porcelain is held in a elegant very large Victorian styled brass frame that is intricately detailed repoussé. The front of the frame has a lovely deep mahogany bronze finish.  The porcelain is held into the frame by a series of tabs which can be easily opened to remove the piece.

Measures approx. 17″ Diameter (frame) x 1-3/4″ Deep.  Porcelain measures approx. 6-3/8″ Diameter


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This antique Victorian display piece is in good condition for its age. The frame shows some mild scratching on the front and back, and there are some spots of green patina scattered across the front. The porcelain shows some light scratching and some light dust from storage, however the portrait is mostly undisturbed.The back of the piece shows slightly more moderate scratching, and there is a small chip to the porcelain. No visible manufacturer or makers mark is visible on either the porcelain or the brass frame.


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