Antique Photo St Mary’s Academy Graduates With Priest


Offered for your consideration is a very unique photo taken at a St. Mary’s Academy.  The image features seven girls surrounding a seated priest.  Two of the girls have their diplomas open, the rest are holding rolled up diplomas.  The girls are identically dressed in long high collar lacy dresses.  A few are wearing very large bows in their hair.  One of the graduates names on the diplomas is “Annie Marie Rice”; a partial name on the other is “Clare Bennett”.  The piece measures 8 1/2″ X 10″ and was printed on a heavy cardstock paper.  Other photos found with this piece were from the Asheville, North Carolina area but the origin of the piece is unknown.

This photo shows a lot of wear.  It has been glued down to an album page and can not be removed.  The photo has large tears throughout and has been trimmed on all sides.  The back side shows remnants of the album page and glue it was previously attached to.  This is still a very interesting antique piece. 



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