Antique Photo Framed ‘Arion’ Monument am Niederwald-Denkmal 1908 Hesse Germany


I am pleased to offer this Antique Framed Photograph of the Arion Niederwald-Denkmal Monument in1908. This is a rare photo of the German monument ‘Arion’ Niederwald-Denkmal. In this photo is a very large group of people standing in front of the monument, covering most of the steps and overlook. At the top is a large statue of Greek poet Arion holding a sword; two smaller angelic people are below it with horns and branches; there is writing in German and other decorative carvings in the center of the piece.

The people in the photo are dressed in suits, dresses and hats. The front row features two boys holding an American flag between them. Below it reads “‘Arion’ am Niederwald-Denkmal July 29, 1908”; the photographer is stated as C. Kipp, Wiesbaden. The frame is wood; shows wear and marks from age on the back, there is a wire to hang it. Excellent photo!

Niederwald-Denkmal was constructed to commemorate the foundation of the German Empire after the end of the Franco-Prussian War. The monument is located in the Niederwald Landscape Park, near the Rhine River, Hesse, Germany.

Measurements: approx. 18″ inches long x 15-1/2″ inches wide.

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