Antique Patented 1901 E.J. Worst CO-RO-NA Medicator Inhaler Quack Medicine


I am pleased to offer this Antique Patented 1901 “CO-RO-NA” Medicator by E.J. Worst! 

This compact inhaler device is made of nickel, and was designed to be compact and easy to carry in a vest pocket. 

The idea behind the device was to load the tube with “medication”, inhale it via the nose and exhale it back through the device via the mouth. 

The original advertisement for the device reads:

“Don’t take medicine into the stomach to kill germs of Catarrh in the head. Nothing but air can reach the homes of these germs and, when medicated by passing through the Co-ro-na, kills them.  Air was the agency that carried the germs of disease into your head and is the only agency that will carry medication that will destroy them. It is a combination of science and common-sense that has for years proved beyond all question of doubt to be the only positive cure for these diseases…..This is a pocket physician, so simple that a child can use it anywhere, at any time.”

Measures approx. 4″ Long


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This antique Co-ro-na medicator inhaler is in good condition for its age. The nickel construction lived up to its original claim and has lasted pretty well for over 100 years! There is mild scratching across the piece, and moderate spotting of patina mostly on the top ends. The interior retains some medication residue, and has a slightly menthol/herbal-esque aroma.


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