Antique Bronze Perched American Eagle Large 7-3/8″ 19th Century


I am pleased to offer this Exceptional Antique 19th Century Brass American Eagle Flag Pole Topper/Finial! 

This is truly an astonishing, museum quality display piece!

The entire piece is comprised of 3 pieces:  The Eagle & Perch, The brass globe, and the wood base plug.

The eagle grasps a t-shaped perch and has “pre-flight” posture, as if it has just targeted its prey.  The detailing to the wings, body, and face are very well defined.  The detailing is overly exceptional when compared to most other pieces from this period.

The “globe” has a band around the center, but appears to be one piece in construction.  The band around the center is marked “Eaton C. MA.”  Although strenuous amounts of effort were devoted to the search, I unfortunately could not identify this marking.

The wooden plug fills the hollowed base insert (where the pole would go I presume).  You can also access the nut that holds the eagle to the globe in this area.

Interesting note: on the back of the legs, there are matching slits just below the joint.  They do not appear to be breaks, but it does open to the possibility that the piece may have been heated and positioned more forwards.  This was done sometimes by flag bearers.

Absolutely stunning display value, as the piece balances well on the wood peg. (would advise additional support during display)

Measures approx. 7-3/8″ Tall (including wood peg) x 5″ W x 5-1/4″ Deep

Weight: 3.7 lbs


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This flag topper is in very good, aged condition. The brass has a dark patina on the eagle, with some moderate scratching. There is what appears to be remnant polish residue and green patina visible in the detailing of the body and areas of the wings.


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