Antique Paper Mache Double Photograph Case 1/4 Plate Hand Painted MOP

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  • This case, also called a “casket” is made from paper mache.  The front cover has a hand painted gold floral motif, with the flowers being inlaid Mother of Pearl.  The gold trim decor on both sides is also hand painted. 
  • The interior has two red velvet pads with Victorian patterns, and a thick center holder that fits 2 1/4 Plate Size images.
  • It is interesting to note that these types of cases were all individually made, one of a kind. 
  • There are similar styles, inlay, etc.  however finding an exact duplicate is extremely unlikely.
  • Great addition to your collection!



The lacquer on the exterior shows heavy crazing, and there is some light loss to the hand painted gold trim. The spine has been repaired. The latch is a bit loose and slightly bent. The interior has two red velvet pads that show some wear. The paper decorating the edges of the photo compartments is mostly lost.


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