Antique Japanese Ko-Wakizashi Ray Skin Sword Fujiwara Kiyoshige Signature 16″


I am very pleased to offer this Antique Japanese Ko-Wakizashi Sword. 

This antique blade has a beautiful tight leather wrapped ray-skin Tsuka (handle) with a blade measuring 12-1/8″ in length from the Tsuba (handguard) to the tip of the blade

measures 16-1/16″ in length from tip of the blade to end of Nakago (tang).

The Nakago does have the smith’s Mei (signature). 

Comes with a carved wood Saya (scabbard) that shows some moderate chipping to the finish. 

The Ha (blade edge) shows some notches and wear from striking. 

The blade overall shows some moderate scratching and some light oxidation. 

Measures about 1/4″ thick at the Mune.

After consulting some collector’s and professionals about this particular blade, I was given the loose interpretation of its history; keep in mind this is what they believe it could be, not a verified appraisal.

“It looks like it reads (The Signature) Choshu Ju Fujiwara Kiyoshige (Fujiwara Kiyoshige of Choshu province [modern day Yamaguchi prefecture]).  Found a Kiyoshige in Fujishiro’s shinto hen. Page 406: Horeki era 1751-64 suguha based gunome midare with tight nioi-guchi. Listed as chu-jo saku” 

Another opinion:

“Though it looks like some of the characters match those in the signature you have been quoted. According to Hawley’s Japanese Swordsmiths, there were 8 generations of smiths working between 1661 and 1864 who signed with this signature. They worked in Nagato, but it will be hard to identify which one made your blade. All of these smiths are rated 10 – 15 points in Hawley which is roughly equivalent to chu jo saku in Fujishiro’s book. Chu jo saku means that the smith in his book was upper – middle ranked according to the author.”


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