Antique Early Lehmann Express Porter 140 Flywheel German Tin Toy Working 6″


I am pleased to offer this Antique Lehmann Express Porter Friction Tin Toy! 

Made in Germany by Lehmann between 1888-1918, this great example of early German tin toys has a Porter pulling a cart labeled “Express”. 

Both the cart and porter are constructed of brightly lithographed tin, and retain an amazing amount of the original paint! 

This particular piece is the flywheel version, which acts as a friction mechanism.  When the knob is spinned, it will either move the cart forwards or backwards rather quickly and smoothly across a flat surface. 

The porters legs can move, however they do not move much.

Absolutely beautiful display condition! 

Measures approx. 6″ L x 2″ W x 5″ H


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This antique Express Porter is in Great Condition for its age, showing very very light paint loss! There is light scratching to the porter, and even less scratching to the cart. The wheels show the most loss to the gold paint. There are a couple very small spots ox oxidation on the interior side of the wheels. The fly wheel mechanism works great, and quickly pushed the cart forwards/backward. The legs tend to not move, but on occasion will “walk”.


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