Antique Royal Trick Elephant Lithographed Tin Mechanical Coin Bank German


Presenting a rare antique Royal Trick Elephant tin mechanical bank. This bank was made in Germany and is attributed to Saalheimer & Strauss c. 1910.

The elephant itself is a tan and green color with shading and blending of the two colors. There is a red blanket or robe covering the elephant’s body. This has gold fringe around the edges and red tassels hanging down each of the legs.  In addition there is blue and gold bordering and other decorations on the robe. 

There is a striped blue and red hood over the head of the elephant and this has red tassels hanging over the front of the ears and down the front of the trunk.  All lettering on the bank is in black. 

On each side of the red base the following verse appears: “Put a coin in the slot then you’ll see something funny.  Press my tail hard and I’ll swallow the money”.  On the front of the red base appears the name “Royal ‘Trick’ Elephant Bank”.  The following wording appears on each side of the base just under the coin holder, “Place Coin Here,” and there is an arrow pointing up to the coin holder. 

The verse refers to this section as having a slot, which it does, however, in normal reference to a coin slot an entrance for the coin is indicated. In the case of this bank the slot is actually a resting place for the coin, or a coin holder, since the coin does not enter the bank through this slot. The operation and mechanism of the bank is fast and efficient. A coin is first placed in the slot as directed and then the tail is pressed. In so doing a V-shaped piece in the slot on which the coin rests snaps up and throws the coin rapidly upward. At the same time the elephant’s head and trunk bend down so that the coin goes into the mouth with perfect precision.



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