Antique Early German Mini Tin Penny Toy Cart w/ Driver & Compartment Ges. Gesch


  • Cool Early German Penny Toy
  • Tiny Little Thing, Measuing in @ 2-3/4″ Long
  • Small flatbed cart with a crate which can be opened, revealing a small section of string.
  • Nicely lithographe cart and driver figure.
  • Marked “Ges. Gesch” on the rear (very small)
  • There is a mark of a dog pulling a cart on the sides, could be a maker’s stamp or decoration
  • Good addition to any collection!




Good overall condition. Mild scratching but minor loss to the litho. Driver figure halves are loose from each other. Wheels a bit wobbly but roll well. Compartment holds a small section of rope. Looks like it would’ve originally had a horse/animal of some kind in front, now missing.


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