Antique Cardinal Georges D’Amboise Papal Bronze French Mint Medal Cornucopia


I am pleased to offer this Antique Cardinal Georges D’Amboise Medal.

The obverse of the medal has a bust of D’Amboise wearing his cardinal attire, with “GEORGIVS•DAMBOISE•S•Æ•R•CARD” arching around him. 

This transliterates to “Georges d’Amboise, Sanctae Aecclesiae Romanae Cardinali”, and translates to “Georges d’Amboise Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church”

The reverse of the medal features an altar with the Papal Tiara and the Keys of St. Peter.  Marked “TVLIT•ALTER•HONORES”  which means “The other took the honours” 

Along the medal edge is the cornucopia Stamp, along side “BRONZE”.  Post 1880s French Mint Strike.  

The ORIGINAL silver version of this medal records back to c.1600-1635

Measures 2-1/8″ Diameter x 1/4″ Thick

Fun History:

Georges D’Amboise was a French Roman Catholic Cardinal from 1498-1510.  Although he was a man of the cloth, he was also an accomplished Lieutenant General under King Louis XII (as was common for clergy during that time).

 In 1503 Pope Alexander VI died, leading D’Amboise to pursue the title of Pope.  He arrived in Rome with an army, but was convinced to trust in his influence.  In the following months he would be defeated twice, and would not gain the papacy.



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Good overall condition, moderate patina and some darkening on the obverse, less but still present on the reverse. Light scratching and some small nicks along the edge.


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