Antique B&W Grade School Class Photo Bengtsfors Sweden


Antique black and white photo mounted on large card features a large group of school aged children in front of a building, maybe a school.  The front of the card is labeled “A. Hansson, Uddevalla, Filial Bengtsfors” which translates in part to “Uddevalla, Bengtsfors Branch”.  Uddevalla and Bengtsfors are both cities in Sweden, and I haven’t identified “A. Hansson”.  There are two older gentlemen in the picture, one standing on each end of the children.  Both of these gentlemen sport very large mustaches and may be the teachers of the school.  There is not one person smiling in this picture.

The confusing part is that the back of the picture frame has hand-written “This picture taken in Tonsberg, Norway before 1900” and has four names listed.  Tonsberg is quite a distance from Bengtsfors, and the front of the card is printed with the Swedish city names, so I would believe that this photo was actually taken in Bengtsfors, Sweden.

The frame measures 10 1/4″ X 13″.  The actual mounted photo measures 6″ X 8 5/8″.  The photo is held in the frame by small tack nails over a cardboard piece, and there is no hanger on the back.  The card mounting show a small tear towards the top, but the photo is still very nice and has been kept under glass for many years.  The frame is missing some of the accenting along the front



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