Arcade Monocoupe Cast Iron Airplane #357 10.75″ W


I am pleased to offer this Antique “The Monocoupe” Cast Iron Airplane #357 made by Arcade.  This early 20th century cast iron aircraft was made by the famous Arcade Toy Company. 

With a black cast body, orange steel wing, and iron wheels/propeller gear; this beauty will stand out in your collection.  “The Monocoupe” is found in raised lettering on each side of the plane.  On the top of the plane you can see the remnants of an Arcade Toy sticker.  The inside of the plane is marked “Arcade 357”.

Shows some moderate scratching and paint wear from play and display.  Mild oxidation is present on the iron section of the plane (prop, wheels, etc).  Front wheels spin smoothly when the plane is moved, rear wheel spins with slight resistance on smooth surfaces.  Wing is a little loose

Measures about 9-1/2″ L x 10-3/4″ Wingspan, x 3-1/2″ H



This Stutz Roadster has been professionally restored, painted, and antiqued. Parts look to be all original with the exception of the inner seat screw and the spare tire screw. Light oxidation is present on the iron parts, most notable on the front grill and headlight area. All wheels spin smoothly with exception to the rear passenger wheel, which occasionally sticks. 12 separate pieces are counted.


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