Antique 1874 CDV Photo Album Hartford Public High School Class Unusual Covers


The spine of the album has degraded to time, and has come loose. The pages remain connected. The exterior covers have mild scratching and patina from age. The interior pages show some slight discoloration and edge wear but overall are in good shape. The photos are in overall good condition as well, majority look to have never been removed. Some photos have moderate expected wear from age/storage. Displays quite well with the unusual front cover!



  • Very interesting c. 1874 CDV Photograph album
  • The album has very unusual covers mounted on the front and back, which I have not seen or could readily find other examples of.
  • At first from a distance i thought it was a variation of a thermoplastic case design, but upon close inspection it its actually a copper plate with a brass frame. The rear cover has a thin veneer-like panel inside a brass frame.

  • The album contains 47 cdv photographs, the majority of which are the Class of 1874 from Hartford Public Highschool.  Almost all of the CDVs are marked on the back by the signatures or a note from the student themselves (like a yearbook) or a note denoting who the person is (likely from the original owner of the album) 
  • There are also a couple of earlier/later CDVs towards the end of the album, one of which has a tax stamp on the rear.
  • Album measures approx. 4-3/4″ x 5-7/8″ x 2″


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