Antique 1836 Prague King Queen Maria Anna Coronation Bronze Medal 45mm 39g


I am pleased to offer a rare 1836 commemorative bronze medal issued to celebrate the coronation of Empress Maria Anna Augusta and Emperor Ferdinand as King and Queen of Prague. 

Obverse side of medal inscribed “MARIA. ANNA. AVGVSTA. FERDINANDI. I. IMP. ET. REGIS” and shows a raised image of the Queen. 

Reverse side marked “ET. ALTERA. MIHI. PATRIA, CORON. PRAGAE. MENSE. SEPT. MDCCCXXXVI” and shows a raised image of a crown on a cushion above the Bohemian Coat Of Arms. 

Item measures approximately 45 mm and is bronze in color.

A reproduction of this item was produced that measures 3″ and shows the Roman numeral MCCCXXXVI which is the wrong date.  This item is not a reproduction, but could likely be a restrike from the original.


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Item in good condition considering age showing some oxidation to the obverse side around raised areas, and fading to the detail in the working. Otherwise nice and displays well.


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