Antique 1/6 Plate Daguerreotype Photograph Pious Woman Hand Tinted w/ Case


I am pleased to offer this Antique 1/6 Plate Daguerreotype Photograph!  This unique photograph shows a very pious woman who does not look like she is pleased that day. She is adorned with a large brooch, beautiful earrings, and a hand-tinted crucifix necklace.  The photo comes in its original ornate brass mat and protector 

The photograph comes in an antique wood/leather case that has an elegant floral exterior pattern, and it has gorgeous tan velvet floral pillow inside the lid.

Measure approx. 3-1/4″ W x 3-3/4″ H



This antique daguerreotype is in fair condition, showing some light dust and moderate scratching. The dag shows a few spots of mild discoloration common with these style of photos. There is moderate green patina on the brass. The case shows some mild scratching from age and display.


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