85 Vintage Swizzle Stir Sticks Smirnoff Seagrams Whiskey Bourbon Gin Advertising


Go retro at your next cocktail party with these,nbsp;cool vintage swizzle sticks!

This lot includes 85 vintage plastic swizzle sticks, many,nbsp;contain advertising for Seagrams 7,,nbsp;White Horse Blended Scotch Whiskey, Carstairs, Smirnoff Vodka, Highland Queen Scotch, Bourbon Supreme, and White,nbsp;Heather Scotch. Some of the stir sticks do not have any advertising.,nbsp;


SKU: 24200 Category: Drinkware Tags: Barware, Collectibles, Swizzle/Stir Sticks


Swizzle sticks are in good condition showing some wear and scuffing. They are a bit dusty and be cleaned.


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