3 Tintype Photographs of Woman + Friends Suitor


I am pleased to offer these 3 Antique Tintype Photographs of a Woman with her Friends and a Suitor.  One photo shows the Woman standing Center between two friends.  The next shows the same woman sitting front right in a picture with 3 other friends.  The last picture (maybe a graduation photo) shows the same woman standing with a friend behind to Gentlemen (I assume boyfriends/husbands/suitors).

These tintypes are in good condition, showing some light scratching to all. All of the photos also show some light warping around some edges.

Measures 3-11/16″ H x 2-1/2″ W, 3-9/16 H x 2-3/8″ W, 3-3/8″ H x 2-9/16″ W

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