2 Vintage Litho Tin Wind Up Push Horse Cart Wagon Toys Working Marx German


I am pleased to offer these two vintage Tin Horse Cart Toys! 

The carts are both relatively the same, however the cart with the smaller horse has a wind up motor (the larger horse does not). 

The Larger horse is brightly lithographed and is a Marx (trademark can be seen on the left side).  The smaller horse looks to be of German construction, and is also nicely lithographed.

Carts measure approx. 7-1/4″ L & 8″ L



The Small Horse cart shows some moderate scratching and mild oxidation from age. The wind up is working strong, but it does occasionally get stuck. The Larger Horse wagon shows mild scratching and light oxidation from age. The horse shows a bit heavier scratching. Rolls well when pushed.


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