Vintage Linemar Drumming Mickey Mouse Toy Marx Japan


Vintage Remote Control Battery Operated Drumming Mickey Mouse.

Made by Linemar, this Mickey Mouse still works great. When you press the button on the remote control, Mickey’s eyes light up, he moves his head from side to side, his feet move, and his arms move up and down as he plays the drums!

Mickey Mouse is in good condition and stands about 10 1/2″ tall. He has a tin litho face, with clear glass (or plastic) eyes that light up, his head, ears, arms and chest are a velvet-type fabric. Mickey has a ribbon bow around his neck, yellow plastic suspenders and his pants are a red plaid fabric.

The outside of his drum is tin, with a colorful red, blue and yellow litho design. The top of the drum has a Mickey design on what appears to be paper, this is covered by a thin clear plastic, the bottom of his drum is paper and is torn. Mickey’s drum folds down for storage, there is a metal clip on his stomach that the drum clips to when you would like him to play his drums. The drum sticks are wire spring with plastic round ends.

Mickey’s legs and feet are tin, they are still a nice and shiny black. The bottoms of his feet have rollers.The wire for the remote is attached to Mickey’s back, the remote itself is tin and holds two “D” batteries.

This toy is in good condition for its age, the fabric shows very little wear, the litho on the drum and Mickey’s feet is bright and shiny. Mickey’s face is a bit dusty and shows a few very light scratches along with a spot that may be paint. Mickey’s nose appears to be plastic and is a bit wrinkled, the top of his drum is a bit dusty. The remote case is in good condition and is very clean with some discoloration and light corrosion.

This toy has been tested and it works fine. The remote can be a bit a tad finicky. Walt Disney Productions copyright is on the side of the drum along with the Linemar trademark and “Japan”.

This is a fantastic vintage Mickey Mouse toy that you do not come across too often, and would be a wonderful addition to any collection! 



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