1949 Journalist Photos W/Frigidaire Article Texas Boat


I am pleased to offer an unique set of real journalists photos taken in 1948.  These five (5) glossy photos each measure 8″ X 10″ and were featured in an “Air Conditioning & Refrigeration News” article dated February 28, 1949.  The photos were taken by J.C. Watkins Photography of Port Arthur, Texas.  The images are from a 116-foot towboat named “Robin E”.  The article is a full page discussing the Frigidaire Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems designed by Charles H. Belt.  Mr. Belt is featured in the photographs as he tours the towboat to inspect the Frigidaire system.

Two of the actual photographs included in this auction are shown in the article.  Three others that were not used are also included.  The auction includes all five (5) original photos plus the article which the photos were used in.  The article page is real, not a photocopy.  The backs of the photos are stamped by J.C. Watkins and each has detailed hand written descriptions of what is shown in the image.  All are dated 11/20/48.

These photos are in good condition but do show some creases and light wear from age.  All still display well with clear images.  The article page also is nice with no major damage.  This set would make an interesting addition to any collection.



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