Vintage Wee Birdie Driver Baker Furniture XL 3’5″ Caricature Scottish Golf Club


  • Very Comical and Desirable Driver
  • An extra large caricature version of a Scottish Driver, these were considered an “executive gift” in their day
  • Manufactured by Baker Furniture, the drivers would typically be engraved with initials or the name of the lucky owner
  • This driver has the initials “J.J. M.” carved into the top
  • Made from Solid Cherry, these are hefty pieces and are a definite stand out display piece for any office or den.
  • Measures approx. 41″ Total Height
  • Nice  unusual addition to your collection!




Good overall condition. Shows some mild nicks and scratches to the wood scattered from top to bottom, and some light dust from storage. No major breaks or cracks in the wood, which you commonly see in these pieces. Some mild chipping to the finish along the edges of the driver head.


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