Vintage Toy Founders Red Kar Kit Plastic Windup Car


You don’t see these around too often!

What a sleek looking toy car! This is a vintage plastic and metal windup car manufactured by Toy Founders in the late 1950s. The car was from a kit called “Kar Kit” that allowed you to make different versions of the car.

This car is a nice shiny red and black plastic with a sturdy metal base. Underneath, you will find the wind up mechanism, which works fine.

Car has been tested and it moves with a gentle push, appears as though the wheels might need to be tightened onto the axle, for the car to work properly.

Lever in back stops and starts car. Front wheels can be positioned by moving axle underneath car. Wheels are grooved plastic, back wheels have metal hubcaps, front and back bumpers are metal. The plastic hardtop can be removed, turning the car into a convertible.

Car measures 11″ long

‘”A Product of Toy Founders INC Detroit USA” is stamped on seat.





Shows normal wear and tear for its age. Metal bumpers slightly discolored. Dashboard has a small crack. One plastic peg on the hardtop that slides into a groove in the car’s base is chipped on one side, someone has glued a different piece of plastic to the peg so it will fit properly.


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