Vintage Tin Litho Windup Toy Mother Duck w/ Ducklings Japan Working


I am pleased to offer this Vintage Tin Wind Up Mother Duck with Her Ducklings! 

This cute little toy is a large mother duck with two ducklings attached by a string connected to her back.  When the string is pulled back, the mother moves forward in a wide circle while “waddling” and making noise. 

I believe her beak was supposed to move as well, however the bottom beak is missing.  There is no visible maker’s mark on the ducks, but “Japan” is printed on the bottom.

Toy measures approx. 11-3/8″ L x 2-1/2″ W  (mother’s body) x 3-1/2″ H (mother’s body)


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This Tin duck toy is in fair working condition, showings some mild scratching to the paint from age and play. The toy works well when the string is pulled back far, however once the duckling starts getting very close it requires a little push here and there. The mother duck is missing the bottom beak piece.


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