Vintage Pre-War Marx Sparkling Climbing Fighting Tank Tin Wind Up Very Cool 10″




  • Very Cool Vintage Pre-War Marx Tank
  • Officially named the “Sparkling Climbing Fighting Tank” pretty hardcore.
  • Large 10″ Long lithograph body with huge wheels and rubber treads
  • Great working wind up motor, canon recoils properly while clicking. 
  • Some parks left on the flint wheels, cool feature of opening hatches over the wheels
  • Tested and working well,  Top turret only spins manually
  • Measures approx. 10″ Long x 5″ W x 4-3/4″ H
  • Great addition to your collection!



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Good overall condition for a super cool toy. Early version with camouflage lithographing, visible drivers on front. Large camo wheels with thick original rubber treads, good shape. Moderate scratching throughout, with some light loss to original litho. Windup is strong and works great! Tank trudges forwards while the front canon “recoils” and makes a clicking sound. There are some sparks coming off the flint on both sides, but not very much. Start/stop lever is finicky. Top turret moves slightly, but not much.


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