Vintage Modern Toys Japan Plush/Tin Litho Wind Up Flipping Monkey Toy Working


I am pleased to offer this Vintage Modern Toys Japan Tin/Plush Monkey Wind Up Toy! 

This monkey appears to be the “Monkey on Tree” toy, without the metal frame. 

However, without the original frame the toy still functions greatly! The monkey is constructed of plush covered tin, and has a brightly lithographed face. 

There is a fixed wind key on the left side, and when wound up the monkey will flip over and over. (originally designed to hang from hooks on hands and flip, but will do flips across the ground). 

The original Modern Toys trademark sticker remains on the bottom.

Measures approx. 5-5/8″ L


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This vintage monkey toy is in good working condition, showing some light scratching from age. There plush on the arms is a little loose, and the metal is exposed. The wind up is strong, and when wound up the monkey will flip and flip and flip.


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