Vintage KO Yoshiya Action Planet Robot Sparking Wind-up Tin Toy Japan w/ Box


I am pleased to offer this awesome vintage Action Planet Robot wind-up toy.

Made from enameled tin, this robot was one of the better “Robbie” knock-offs of the era, capturing his form very well. 

Original released in 1958 to capitalize on the Forbidden Planet craze, Yoshiya had a fairly long run with a few variants of this robot.  This is a later variant, with the red molded rubber hands.

Robot was designed to feature forward walking motion with sparking that appears in his chest and head.  The head pistons were not designed to move.

Robot comes with its original box which feature bright retro graphics, and the company trademarks.

Robot stands approx. 8″ Tall.

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Good overall condition. Body shows some light scratching and a couple of spots of minor paint loss. Plastic hands show some light scratching as well. Wind up motor is strong and still produces a fair amount of sparks behind the red/green face. The rubber wheels underneath the feet are a little worn, with the right one not catching as well (causes the robot to sort of walk in place). The original box shows some moderate creasing on the cover, and some mild edge wear (displays greatly!)


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